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What is a Guardian Family Program?

Our Guardian Family Program allows our breeding dogs to be raised in a loving home environment with families that love them.  It’s important to us that our dogs are raised in a loving home with love, socialization, and attention. The breeding dog will participate in our breeding program for a small portion of their life. When the contract is finished, Crimson Desert Doodles will pay $150 toward the spay/neuter and transfer full ownership of the dog to the guardian family.  As a guardian family, you get the very best dog that Crimson Desert Doodles has to offer.

Guardian Family Requirements

  • You must live within one hour driving distance of St George, Utah so you can transport the dog to us for health testing, breeding, and whelping. Guardian cannot move away from the local area during the length of the guardian family contract.
  • You must own your own home or rent somewhere that allows dogs with a fully fenced backyard and keep the dog on a leash when they leave your home.
  • You must commit to feeding the food that we recommend, or another approved food that is suitable for a breeding dogs nutrition.
  • You must provide regular grooming and normal veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccinations when the dog is not pregnant.
  • You must provide photos for our website and social media.
  • You must provide basic obedience training as well as socialization to people, children, and animals.
  • You must ensure that your dog will not be left alone for more than 8 hours or kept in a kennel for more than 4 hours during the day.
  • You must, if you have a female, familiarize yourself with the heat cycle so that you are able to inform me of when your dog is in heat and be willing to assume the additional responsibilities involved in caring for an intact breeding dog.
  • Must not have an intact male dog living in the home.

If you guardian a female dog she will come to my home for breeding, then stay with her guardian family while pregnant. She will then stay with the breeder for 7 weeks when she whelps and cares for her puppies. Guardian families are encouraged to visit during the 7 weeks!

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in participating in our guardian home program, please call or text us at (435) 632-6561 or email us at